Australian Flag and NSW Flag on Sydney Harbour Bridge Australian Flag and NSW Flag on Sydney Harbour Bridge
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Since our establishment in 1908, Harry West Flags has been producing high quality Australian made flags on the foreshore of Sydney Harbour. We specialise in fully sewn flag and have decades of experience in turning our clients ideas into beautiful custom fully sewn flags. We make custom printed flags, as well as selling national flags, flags of Australia, code flags, pride flags, flagpoles and accessories and special interest flags. We continue to build upon the skills of our flag makers and employ a combination of new and old techniques to ensure all of our clients have their dream flag.

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"G’day Harry West Flags,

 Just a short email to say how absolutely happy I am with my purchase of the 2 yard Australian National Flag. The promptness of the deliver and beautiful, but simple cloth bag, the flag came in, shows a care factor I certainly appreciate. One enormous BRAVO ZULU goes to whole team at Harry West Flags on making me a bloody happy customer. Again, my sincere thanks and it is with the kindest of regards''

- Warren Hunt BM, CSM (November 2023)

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Why is the Australian Flag at half mast today?
Many people notice the Australian flag and its accompanying flags being flown at half-mast on some occasions. There are a variety of reasons as to why this might be the case which we will delve into today. In short, the flag flying at half mast is a symbol of mourning. The sight of the flag at half-mast carries a weight of significance, often representing moments of collective grief, remembrance, or national mourning.
What makes up the Australian National Flag?
Flags are powerful symbols that embody the identity, history, and values of a nation. The Australian flag is no exception, featuring a unique combination of elements that represent the nation's heritage and its place in the world. In this blog, we will explore the elements that make up the Australian flag, decipher their meanings, and unravel the fascinating story of how they came together to create this iconic national emblem. As flag manufacturers, who are consistently making fully sewn Australian flags, we have become very familiar with the aspects of the Australian flag, and the importance of getting each element perfect. 
Environmental Sustainability in Textile Manufacturing
Harry West Flags continuously strives to achieve the most sustainable practices and procedures possible in the manufacturing of our flags. Over the years, we have implemented more and more eco-friendly initiatives to reduce our environmental impact. This commitment aligns with our overall values and reflects a broader initiative to contribute positively to the environment. Let's explore the various environmental initiatives that are consistently undertaken by Harry West Flags.