Flag Material

We produce flags in a few different types of materials, all with different benefits to achieve certain looks and desired outcomes in our flags. Knowing the differences between the types allows you to decide upon which material will work the best for you and the needs of your flag. 

The most common material we use is our premium woven polyester, also known as bunting, for our fully sewn flags. This is the most durable and heavyweight material, making it appropriate for ceremonial flags, special occasions and for important keepsake flags.

The second material is a knitted polyester fabric, also known as trilobal, which we use for screen printed flags. It acts similarly to woven bunting, in that is more durable than polyester satin but less than woven bunting, as well as being less denier than bunting as for the ink to penetrate through. It can be used for indoor and outdoor use, and is more suitable for harsh outdoor conditions than the other printed alternatives.

The third material is a taffeta material, used for digitally printed flags, that is extremely lightweight and flies in the lightest of winds. This material is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use, but is commonly used for sports game flags or promotional events.