Custom Printed Flags

For us to be able to turn your unique idea into the perfect flag for you, we offer two types of printing methods for our custom printed flag service. We want you to be able to know which type will work the best for your needs, wants and type of use.

Firstly, digitally printed flags are a cost effective and fast service for custom flags that we offer. This style of flag is ideal for shaded and detailed images. They can be customised to the exact dimensions you require and are printed on a lightweight taffeta material and fly with ease. This makes these perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, often what clients order for sports games and promotional campaigns.

Screen printing is another printing technique we use, where a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil. Such stencils can be custom made to your exact requirements and can done on both knitted polyester and woven polyester fabrics in large runs. These are perfect for indoor and outdoor display and can be customised to the exact measurements you need. These flags are a more durable printed product and are suited to all weather.

Screen printing can only be done in large batches, with an minimum of 10 pieces per order. There must not be any shading in the artwork, and the artwork will need to be sent to us prior to quoting, in order for us to determine whether it is a feasible design and the turn around time. It can take at least 5 weeks but it depends on the detail of the artwork. 

Custom Quote Form

Including the attachment is crucial in order for us to send you back an accurate quote, and please fill out all other details to the best of your ability. We are happy to accommodate majority of requests and work closely with you, going back and forth on design, size and material until your ideal flag is complete.