Custom Made Flags

We Specialise in Custom Made Flags

Custom fully sewn flags, made with the appliqué process, are our specialty. They are 100% handmade products, and are crafted by using layers of fabric and custom stitching to create the desired pattern. This process involves stitching various components of the flag, such as the field (the main background), emblems, logos, and any other intricate details, onto the base fabric. This results in a durable and high-quality flag that is often used for official and ceremonial purposes. We proudly hold some of the oldest flag patterns in Australia which can still be utilised now for reproduction. This is the traditional method of flag making, and as a result these flags are the most elegant and long lasting. 

Client Liaison 

When it comes to customising a fully sewn flag, we love working with our clients to bring their idea to life. We require your artwork prior to ensure it is possible to achieve your desired result. Our custom fully sewn flags can be customised according to specific requirements, allowing for unique designs, sizes, and colour combinations. This makes them popular choices for organisations, governments, and businesses that want to display their logos, emblems, or messages with utmost accuracy. Unfortunately, a design with shading is not possible on fully sewn flags, as well as tiny intricate details are also unachievable on smaller flags. 

Our Process for Custom Made Flags

The process of creating fully sewn flags involves intricate craftsmanship. Our highly skilled flag makers use sewing machines or sometimes hand-stitching techniques to meticulously attach various pieces of fabric. The level of craftsmanship involved in creating fully sewn flags makes more costly to produce compared to flags produced using simpler methods like screen printing. The cost can vary based on factors such as size, complexity of design, and choice of fabric.

Custom Quote Form

Including the attachment is crucial in order for us to send you back an accurate quote, and please fill out all other details to the best of your ability. We are happy to accommodate majority of requests and work closely with you, going back and forth on design, size and material until your ideal flag is complete.