Recycling Flags

Recycling your used flags has never been easier! We encourage you to simply bring your old flag back into us when you are purchasing your new one. We work with The Textile Recyclers Australia to repurpose old flags, along with recycling our offcuts. After taking off any clips and eyelets, these are considered ‘post-consumer textiles’, and are mechanically shredded and the recycled fibre is spun into yarn. The various yarn is used to make a variety of recycled products including totes, cushions, gloves, socks, rugs, throws, blankets, felts, underlay, insulation & even the stuffing which goes into motor vehicle seats. We love knowing that our flags don’t just go to landfill once they have served their purpose, and that they continue to be used for other purposes. To read more about our environmental efforts and recycling programs, please read our National Recycling Week Blog.