Textile Manufacturing: Eco-sustainability

Textile Recyclers Australia


Harry West Flags continuously strives to achieve the most sustainable practices and procedures possible in the manufacturing of our flags. Over the years, we have implemented more and more eco-friendly initiatives to reduce our environmental impact. This commitment aligns with our overall values and reflects a broader initiative to contribute positively to the environment. Let's explore the various environmental initiatives that are consistently undertaken by Harry West Flags.

Repurposing Offcuts and Used Flags

Building on the idea that "Waste isn't Waste until it is Wasted," created by PLanet Ark in National Recycling Week 2022, Harry West Flags has redefined our approach to offcuts of flag fabric. Rather than considering these as 'waste,' we have partnered with Textile Recyclers Australia to recycle both pre-consumer textiles (offcuts from the manufacturing process) and post-consumer textiles (used flags that have started to fray from overuse). By doing so, we ensure that these textiles find new life, either as furniture filler or as recycled fiber spun into various products like totes, cushions, gloves, and more.

Collaboration with Textile Recyclers Australia

Textile Recyclers Australia has been a key partner in Harry West Flags' sustainability journey. The collaboration focuses on onshore recycling of pre-consumer textiles, mechanically shredding the fabric for use in furniture filler. Additionally, the post-consumer textiles are processed differently, contributing to the creation of recycled yarn used in a wide array of products. This partnership not only helps minimize textile waste but also supports circular solutions for the textile industry.

Long-Term Sustainability Practices

Beyond recycling initiatives, Harry West Flags has been committed to sustainability for an extended period. The company employs TerraCycle to responsibly recycle all soft plastics, demonstrating a holistic approach to waste reduction. Moreover, the use of thread made from recycled polyester in flag production is a conscious choice, and Harry West Flags aspires to incorporate completely recycled fabric when technology allows.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

In an effort to minimize their environmental footprint, Harry West Flags takes a thoughtful approach to packaging. Reusing and recycling boxes and packing materials whenever possible, the company also employs eco-friendly compostable mailers from the brand Heaps Good. This commitment to sustainable packaging aligns with their broader goal of incorporating eco-friendly practices throughout their business operations.

Constant Exploration of Sustainable Options

Harry West Flags remains dedicated to staying ahead of the curve in sustainable options. The company eagerly anticipates advancements in technology that will enable the creation of completely recycled fabric, a future prospect that aligns with their vision of producing flags with minimal environmental impact. The commitment to exploring new sustainable options ensures that Harry West Flags remains a leader in eco-friendly textile manufacturing.


Harry West Flags sets a commendable example for the textile manufacturing industry with its comprehensive approach to sustainability. By redefining waste, collaborating with responsible partners, and embracing eco-friendly practices throughout their operations, the company not only contributes to a healthier planet but also serves as an inspiration for others in the industry. As Harry West Flags continues to evolve and explore new sustainable options, the future looks promising for environmentally conscious textile manufacturing.