Northern Beaches Red and Yellow Flags

Northern Beaches Red and Yellow Flags

We have recently had another order from The Northern Beach Council of Sydney to make their iconic red and yellow beach flags, as well as the black and white check flags. For Harry West Flags, the privilege of manufacturing these crucial safety markers for the Surf Life Saving teams on Sydney's iconic Northern Beaches, is both an honour and a responsibility we take seriously. 

Beach Flags

The red and yellow beach flags have become a universal symbol of safety along Australia's coastlines, signalling to beachgoers that it is a safe spot to swim and that the area is patrolled by lifeguards. Surf Life Saving in Australia is such an important part of our beach culture, and we are so proud to make the flags that indicate surf life saving is present on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Crafted with precision and durability, our flags serve as beacons that reassure swimmers, surfers, and families, ensuring they enjoy their time by the water without compromising their safety. Alongside the red and yellow flags, the black and white check flags that we also make, indicate that there is to be no surfing or board riding in the area. Although less universally recognised, these flags are also a crucial aspect to the safety that surf life savers provide on Australia beaches, and again we are honoured to be able to produce just some of them.

Northern Beaches Council Collaboration 

Collaborating with the Northern Beaches Council to provide these essential safety tools to the many iconic beaches in the council, has forged a lasting partnership between Harry West Flags and the local authorities. Our commitment to producing high-quality, visible beach flags aligns seamlessly with the Northern Beaches Council's dedication to ensuring the well-being of the community and tourists who flock to these iconic beaches year-round. We hope to develop relationships with more councils and surf life saving organisations across the country, to continue to play a small part in the surf life saving organisation's incredible work. 

Apart of the Harry West Flags Mission

Beyond manufacturing the flags, Harry West Flags hopes that through educational initiatives and community outreach, public understanding of the importance of these flags is enhanced. By fostering a culture of awareness and responsibility, we contribute to the overall safety net that protects beachgoers. We aim to continue to stress the importance of these flags on Australian beaches and feel so privileged that it is our flags that keep hundred of people safe every day. 

For us at Harry West Flags, the production of red and yellow beach flags for the Northern Beaches is more than a business endeavour; it's a shared mission to protect lives and preserve the joy of Australia's coastal experiences. As we continue to stand side by side with the Northern Beaches Council, we take pride in knowing that our flags, woven with a dedication to safety and excellence, contribute to the vibrant tapestry of Australia's iconic beaches. Together, we safeguard the shores that hold a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike.