Defence Force Blood Drive

Defence Force Blood Drive

Harry West Flags Blood Donation

Last week, the Harry West Flags team rolled up our sleeves and donated blood towards the Australian Defence Force Blood Drive with Red Cross Lifeblood. The blood drive has been running since the 1 September and will continue until 8 December, where they are aiming to raise 11,000 life-saving blood donations between Navy, Army, Air Force and Defence public service, with the public and businesses encouraged to assist by also donating blood in support of the ADF Drive. 

As The Australian Defence Force is one of our longest standing clients, having worked with them for over 50 years, we thought it was the least we could do to give back to this amazing cause. Some of our team took more convincing than others, due to an irrational fear of needles despite being an excellent sewing machinist, but ​after finding out that one blood donation can save up to three lives, it was obvious this cause is not something to pass up. In the end we were all extremely grateful to be able to contribute to and support such an amazing cause. 

We want to thank all the staff and nurses at the Sydney Town Hall Donor Centre who were extremely attentive to our needs throughout the whole process and provided us with lovely snacks to fuel us after we donated. Contributing to the yearly Defence Blood Drives are something we are looking forward to doing again next year and will ensure it becomes a tradition for the Harry West Team for years to come.