From Idea to Custom Flag

From Idea to Custom Flag

Custom Made Flags

Although we enjoy making beautiful national flags, code flags, pride flag, boat flags and flags of Australia, we are also experts in custom making flags for our clients. Often, a client comes to us with a vague idea of the type of flag that they want, but no specific artwork for us to directly recreate. When this happens, we communicate back and forth with the client, giving our advice and knowledge about what will work best, until we are both happy with the design that we will be replicating onto their fully custom flag. After all this, it is such a rewarding experience, showing them their unique design that we have brought to life and having them be thrilled with the results. These flags are often so personal and meaningful to our clients, another reason why we love creating fully customised flags. Whether you want to come up with the design independently and just send us the vector file, or need us to help you bring an idea to fruition, it can be done at Harry West Flags. With over 115 years of flag making experience, we are well equipped to explain to our clients what will and won’t work when it comes to customisation, printing or fully sewing, in order to achieve the best result possible for each and every one of our clients.

More than just Flag Design

Obviously, the design on the flag is customised but the size, dimensions, ratio and material are all flexible too, as these flags are created for each individual client with their needs and usage in mind. As well as this, our custom flag services cater to clients at all stages of their design process. We work with a variety of clients with varying ideas, some more developed where we do not have to edit the file at all, and others where we are replicating something else onto a flag.

Custom Flag Ideas we've Brought to Life

For one of our most recent custom flags, we had a client come to us with a simple but meaningful drawing of a dragonfly on a piece of paper. After communicating back and forth with them about colour and sizing, we converted the drawing into a file and with approval from the client, we started bringing it to life. Both us and our client were very happy with the end product, as it was very simple in comparison to many other custom flags, but it turned out beautiful.

Another example of how we transform an idea into a final product, was a flag we made recently that featured a family crest. Our client was only able to provide us with a dark photograph of an old framed image of a family crest, which wasn’t at all print ready. After a lot of communication with the client and trial and error, we were able to increase the resolution, salvage the artwork from the photo and print the design onto a flag. This transformation was so significant, as the design was so personal to their family and we were so glad to recreate it for them.

When working with Camden Cricket Club, they provided us with an old photo of people holding up an old flag that they wanted to recreate. They were able to also send us another image of the ram’s face from the centre of the flag that was barely visible in the first photo, and from that we worked together using those images to create their custom desired outcome. We even made this flag in both fully sewn and printed for them so they can use if for multiple purposes.

Another example was with a simple but beautiful drawing of a sandpiper which we were able to applique onto a flag. Again, this was a meaningful drawing, and us being able to turn it into a high-quality, fully sewn flag that will be keepsake, is very rewarding. We love seeing the look on our clients faces when their idea comes to reality and they have the flag of their dreams in their hands.