Harry West Flags: Gearing up for the sailing season

Red Ensign on a boat with a sunset in the background

Sailing Flags

As the temperature starts to rise and the allure of open waters beckons, boat enthusiasts across Australia are preparing for another exciting season out on the water. What better way to embrace the warmer months than by adorning your vessel with high-quality marine flags from Harry West Flags? Our commitment to crafting durable, quality flags for boats has made us a trusted name in the maritime world. Our boating and marine offerings range from custom flags for yacht clubs, marinas and individuals, as well as all types of beautiful, traditional nautical flags, with some of our own renditions as well.

Yacht Club and Marina Flags

Yacht clubs and marinas are hubs of camaraderie and celebration of the boating lifestyle. At Harry West Flags, we understand the importance of identity and unity within these communities. Our burgees, battle flags, and custom flags for marinas and clubs, are meticulously crafted to our clients needs and wants, representing their club or marina with distinction. Durable and of the highest quality, our fully sewn flags are ready to endure the challenges of sailing the open sea while proudly displaying your club's emblem or any unique design. We also provided various printed flags for shorter term events and for ease of flying. We proudly supply flags for The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA) and enjoy nothing more than working with a number of clubs every year.

The Timeless Classics

At Harry West Flags, we offer a wide range of the classic nautical flags, designed to enhance your boating experience. Whether you're cruising along the coast or setting sail into the open sea, our marine flags make a statement of maritime pride and sophistication. Firstly, code flags are a beautiful, traditional nautical flag used to send messages between ships, where each code flag represents a different number, letter or symbol. Our code flags are always fully sewn for the highest quality finish, so durable that The Australian Maritime Museum displays some of our code flags, and we are very proud to have been supplying the Australian Navy our code flags for years.

Another maritime flag we know you’ll love, is the gin pennant. Traditionally, when flown, the gin pennant indicated that the bar is open and invited others on for a drink. Today, they set the mood for relaxation and celebration, add a touch of elegance to your boat, and reflect your appreciation for the finer things in life. These have always been such a popular flag, that we received request for different beverage variations. Explore our own renditions of the gin pennant, including the red wine pennant and the coffee flag, to suit your tastes.

Our Red Ensigns and Australian flags are designed with the conditions of boating in mind. The durability and vibrant colours of these traditional flags, makes them ideal for displaying on your boat. We also offer a range of flag accessories, including wooden flag poles designed specifically for boats. These poles are not only functional but also add a touch of classic elegance to your vessel.

Hoist the Colours with Harry West Flags

As the warmer weather approaches and the boating season beckons, make your maritime adventures unforgettable with Harry West Flags. Our marine flags, burgees, battle flags, code flags, and nautical accessories are designed with durability and quality in mind, ensuring they withstand the rigors of the sea. Whether you're a yacht club member, a marina enthusiast, or simply a lover of boating, our flags and accessories are here to elevate your nautical experience. Set sail with Harry West Flags.

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