Firefighters Family Day

Sydney Harbour featuring the Sydney Harbour Bridge on Firefighters Family Day

The 15th of March 2020 was "Firefighters Family Day on the Water'', an initiative created by Above and Beyond Boating, with the intention of providing a way for the boating community to give back to dedicated firefighters. We jumped at the chance to help and support the Firefighters Family day on the water when were heard that Nigel form Above and Beyond Boating was putting together the day to say thankyou to our amazing firefighters and their families. There was very few of us who weren't effected in some way by the devastating fires over spring and summer, and the courage and generosity of the volunteer firefighters was appreciated by us all. It was a great turn out, with many fire fighters that have spent countless hours working to protect our homes, families, wilderness and wildlife from the terrible bush fires, being able to relax and have a well deserved break. We are feeling very proud that our flags were able to contribute to this great cause.