School Flags and Banners

Kirrawee Public School Flag

During our 114 years in business, Harry West Flags has developed many relationships with schools all around the country, providing them with a variety of different kinds of flags to suit their particular needs. We have experience in and enjoy making custom house flags, banners, pennants, sports supporter flags and cadet flags for various primary, secondary and tertiary education facilities across Australia. In addition to this, we regularly provide schools with the standard Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Straight Island flags, as well as pride flags. We offer our flags in a range of materials, allowing schools to choose what features fit their needs and requirements. We can make flags that fly in the lightest of winds, or much thicker, traditional quality flags designed for longevity. From fully sewn appliqued flags to digitally or screen-printed flags, we are more than happy to accommodate specific requests and customised designs to ensure that we are providing the flag best suited for your use and budget.

First Step: Contact Us

Getting in contact with us is the first step in creating beautiful flags for you school. You can provide us with as much information as you have and design choices you are looking for, or if you don’t know what would be best, we can offer our professional opinion. We can advise you on the fabric, application and finishing best suited to your project, and we work with you throughout the design process to ensure you are happy with the outcome and it meets the design brief. Once material, finish, designs, emblems, logos and size have been decided upon we will start making your flag, in our work room, located on the foreshore of Sydney Harbour in Kirribilli. We are more than happy to communicate with you during the process, change anything if necessary and ensure you are involved in all decisions in the manufacturing process. We understand the importance of flying flags at schools and the pride associated with it, and we are glad we can help you represent your great school through making the flags.  

Tailored Flags 

In terms of material, we offer screen printed, digitally printed or fully sewn flags (also known as applique), in order for you to ensure you have the material that best suits your needs. Fully sewn flags are made using the applique process, in which layers of fabric and custom stitching are combined to create the desired pattern. Each individual aspect of your logo or design will be sewn on individually, which is the traditional method of flag making. These are thicker, heavier flags, that last longer and are more expensive due to the time and effort that goes into manufacturing them. We offer two different printed alternatives for schools. Digitally printed flags are a cost effective and fast service that we offer, where any design, not matter the complexity can be printed on, ideal for shaded and detailed images, which can be printed onto a variety of fabrics. Screen printed flags use a printing technique where a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil. Such stencils can be custom made to your exact requirements and can done on both poly-knitted and woven fabrics in large runs. These are suitable for both indoor and outdoor displays and can be customised to the exact size you require. Screen printed flags are the more durable printed product and are suited to all weather, although they take longer to make.  

Experienced Flag Makers

When it comes to experience, it is hard to find a school in Sydney that we haven’t worked with at some point over the years, that being private schools, public schools, Catholic schools, state schools, sports schools, independent schools, high schools, primary schools and universities. We have worked close with Saint Andrews Cathedral on a more complex project, involving replicating their traditional school and house banners exactly, a process which took place over the span of a year. We have a long-term relationship with the University of Sydney, having made flags for various facets of their institution over the years. We have made commemorative flags for schools’ special events and anniversaries, including making Wahroonga Public School a custom flag for their 75-year anniversary celebrations, as well as helping school keep up to date and updating their flags with their new logos. We are grateful that we are able to contribute to these important events for schools, and provide them with a keepsake of their important moments. As well as this, we have worked with Knox Grammar School, Moriah College, Saint Joseph’s College, Ravenswood School for Girls, Narrabeen Sports High School, Masada College and the Kings School, to name a few.

Overall, making flags for schools in an important part of our business, one that we value very highly. Below are some photos to showcase our different types of work with a variety of schools.

Wahroonga Public School 75 year anniversary flagflag

Knox Tartan ArmyRavenswood School FlagAlpha Armadillos Company FlagUniversity of Regiment Flag

Anderson House "Truth, Courage, Compassion" FlagSt Michaels Lane Cove FlagNarrabeen Sports High "Purpose and Integrity" FlagFairfax house flag

Mona Vale Public School "Let us all participate" Flag