Australian red ensign
Australian Red ensign
Australian Red ensign
Sustainable packaging and Australian Made tag
Header and metal sister clip finish
Header and nylon sister clip finish

Australian Red Ensign


Size: 0.5 yard ( 460mm x 230mm)

0.5 yard ( 460mm x 230mm)
0.5 yard ( 460mm x 230mm)
0.75 yard (345mm x 690mm)
1 yard (915mm x 460mm)
1.25 yard (570mm x 1140mm)
1.5 yard (1370mm x 685mm)
2 yard (1830mm x 915mm)
2.5 yard (2300mm x 1150mm)
3 yard (2740mm x 1370mm)
4 yard (3660mm x 1830mm)
5 yard (4572mm x 2278mm)
6 yard (5480mm x 2740mm)
8 yard (7315mm x 3657mm)
10 yard (9144mm x 4572mm)
12 yard (10973mm x 5486mm)

material: screen printed

screen printed
screen printed
fully sewn

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The Australian Red Ensign is the official flag to be flown at sea by Australian registered merchant ships. About the Australian Red Ensign The Australian Red Ensign has three elements, similar to the Australian National Flag, on a red background. The Union Jack in the upper left corner (or canton), the white Commonwealth Star underneath it and the Southern Cross on the fly (or right hand side) of the flag in white. History of the Australian Red Ensign When the Commonwealth Government announced a competition to design a flag for Australia in 1901, entrants were asked to send a design for two flags – one for official and naval purposes and the other for merchant ships. This resulted in a Blue Ensign and a Red Ensign. There was considerable confusion in the first half of the 20th century over the appropriate use of the Red Ensign as opposed to the Blue Ensign. This was clarified with the passage of the Flags Act 1953 which proclaimed the Blue Ensign as the Australian National Flag. The Australian Red Ensign became the official flag to be flown at sea by Australian registered merchant ships.

Fully sewn flags are made with poly woven fabric, which is also referred to as woven "bunting", they are appliquéd, using layers of fabric and custom stitching to make the artwork. Long-lasting, durable, as well as the most elegant and undoubtedly a keepsake item. These are made using the traditional methods of flag making.

Printed on a poly woven fabric similar to the fully sewn flags just a less denier for the ink to penetrate through the fabric, this makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this is the most durable and traditional of the printed flags. These are either screen printed or digitally printed.

Digitally printed can be printed on a lightweight satin or a poly knitted fabric, a cost-effective option.

All flags are made in house in our workroom here is Sydney, and are finished with double stitched hems with UV stable header tape and UV stable recycled thread.

All flags unless specified otherwise are finished with sister clips, other finishes are available such as sleeves for poles, or loop and tail etc, if you require these please put the finish you would like in the notes when you view your cart.

Additional Information

0.5 yard ( 460mm x 230mm), 0.75 yard (345mm x 690mm), 1 yard (915mm x 460mm), 1.25 yard (570mm x 1140mm), 1.5 yard (1370mm x 685mm), 2 yard (1830mm x 915mm), 2.5 yard (2300mm x 1150mm), 3 yard (2740mm x 1370mm), 4 yard (3660mm x 1830mm), 5 yard (4572mm x 2278mm), 6 yard (5480mm x 2740mm), 8 yard (7315mm x 3657mm), 10 yard (9144mm x 4572mm), 12 yard (10973mm x 5486mm)


screen printed, fully sewn